The Literacy Steering Committee of the New Richmond Area Community Foundation, invites you to place a "silent bid" on three fantastic "Little Free Library's" being auctioned off to raise funds for the "New Richmond Reads" program, ONE BOOK, ONE READ. This reading program will take place in the spring of 2018 when one book will be selected for the entire community to read. The artists who created these little libraries are all local talents who not offered their time and creative skills but also the materials to make these terrific additions to the literacy efforts of the New Richmond Area Community Foundation. From left to right, the libraries were created by: Jenna Wojan, Jeremiah Wendt, and Wayne Tubbs. Bids will be accepted on these libraries from October 30th through November 10th. The libraries can be found at the following businesses: Table 65, Wild Badger, and The Friday Memorial Library. Thank you to all artists and businesses that are participating!


Our Mission

As we engage in service-based philanthropy, we are committed to cultivating the dreams of our citizens; nurturing the possibilities for our communities; facilitating the leadership and developing the resources necessary to bring these dreams and possibilities into reality.

Our Vision

The New Richmond Area Community Foundation is the center point for service-based philanthropy, creating collaborative partnerships that identify needs in the communities we serve. We develop strategies to provide citizens in these communities with diverse opportunities to meet these needs through their commitment and the giving of time and financial resources.

Our Values

The New Richmond Area Community Foundation believes that being engaged in and giving back to one's community is an essential component of citizenship.