individual vision of a common goal

Collaboration within a community is more than a meeting of the minds. Collaboration within a community is an exchange of ideas and resources that promotes growth and change. For over thirty years the Foundation has sought to be in a partnership with area governmental entities, business owners, and other philanthropic organizations in an effort to build and sustain a prosperous environment for area residents.

The Foundation's recent collaborative efforts have resulted in the establishment of a recreational trails system that ties the community together, a library that promotes the sharing of ideas, an aquatic center, and community playground for children.

The New Richmond community has also undergone a transformation in the building of relationships through Youth and Family Programs and the activities of the Front Porch Group. The Youth and Family programs have been instrumental in improving the lives of young people. The Front Porch Project has been extending its efforts and reach, to improve the quality of discussion of issues that face the New Richmond Community.

The Foundation has also established collaborative relationships with local agencies, businesses and governmental entities that have helped to direct available resources more effectively.

The Foundation seeks to increase it’s collaborative efforts. You can be part of this collaborative effort in building a stronger, more vital New Richmond Community. We welcome your ideas, energy and aspirations. Please contact the Foundation for more information about how you can collaborate with us.


Our Mission

As we engage in service-based philanthropy, we are committed to cultivating the dreams of our citizens; nurturing the possibilities for our communities; facilitating the leadership and developing the resources necessary to bring these dreams and possibilities into reality.

Our Vision

The New Richmond Area Community Foundation is the center point for service-based philanthropy, creating collaborative partnerships that identify needs in the communities we serve. We develop strategies to provide citizens in these communities with diverse opportunities to meet these needs through their commitment and the giving of time and financial resources.

Our Values

The New Richmond Area Community Foundation believes that being engaged in and giving back to one's community is an essential component of citizenship.